3DPrinting using FDM can build just about any geometry you have in mind. So Think Create Build Test

FDM is an affordable 3D printing process compared to other 3D printing technologies. This process works by material being melted and extruded through a nozzle to 3D print a cross section of an object each layer at a time. The bed lowers for each new layer and this process repeats until the object is completed. Layer thickness determines the quality of the 3D print. Some FDM 3D printers have two or more print heads to print in multiple colours and use support for overhanging areas of a complex 3D print.

basically FDM is one of the method of additive manufacturing ,popular as you all know by its name that is as 3D Printing. and the machine that do this job is know as 3D printer.

so now you also can say that 3d printer is a machine that work on a principle of FDM. Material that used by printer in FDM process is generally comes in the form of spools of filaments . Filaments can be of different materials , i would like to tell you name of some materials that is

ABS Filament,

PLA Filament PET Filament PETT Filament Nylon Filament PVA Filament Sandstone Filament Wood Filament Metal Filament HIPS Filament Magnetic Iron Filament Conductive Filament Carbon Fiber Filament TPE Filament Glow in the Dark Filament Amphora Filament

from above ABS , PLA and PETG are the most common filaments used by most of the 3d printer user, every material has their own characteristic and can be used as per the demand of the application.

Now i would like to write own geometries or products that can be made by 3d Printing.

3d printer can almost print every kind of geometries from pin to plan, head to toe like , though different printers have different level of accuracy. so when i am writing this blog it is a time of COVID-10 pandemic, one product that has gone very useful and viral is "3D PRINTED FACE SHIELD". this product by the help of 3d printing has become more useful to corona frontiers as a PPE .

other products like customized gears, or any plastic machine components that is rarely available in market can be printed via this process. in industries they used it as a tool of prototype development where a few piece or one is required and by this method it can be very cost effective to build.

here below i am posting some images related with 3D Printing.

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