3D Printer Filament : all that you need to know about

3D Printer Filaments are the raw material of the 3D printers

3D printing filament is the thermoplastic feedstock for fused deposition modeling 3D printers. There are many types of filament available with different properties, requiring different temperatures to print


The process of transforming 3D printing filament into a 3D model

  1. The filament is fed into the FDM 3D printer.

  2. The thermoplastic is heated past their glass transition temperature inside the hotend.

  3. The filament is extruded and deposited by an extrusion head onto a build platform where it cools.

  4. The process is continuous, building up layers to create the mode

Material Nature: Thermoplastic

Filament Diameter : Filament is commonly available in the two standard diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm,2.85 mm filament is sometimes erronously referred to as "3 mm", but should not be confused with the less common filament size that actually measures 3 mm in diameter.

Spool : Filaments comes in wired form of certain diameter commonly of 1.75 diameter in spool as shown in figure. it can be of gross 1 kg weight or net 1kg weight excluding the weight of spool..



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